Prayer For Husband

The Lord's Prayer Words

bless and preserve my cherished husband
whom You have given me,
let his life be long and blessed,
comfortable and holy,
successful and free...
help me to be the wife
that You want me to be for him.
Let me ever be a blessing
and comfort to him,
a sharer in all his sorrow,
a strength in his moments of helplessness,
a consolation in all
accidents and trials of life.
Keep me from all ungentleness,
infidelity, ill-temper,
and hasty judgment.
Guard me from words or actions
that may hurt, ignore,
or take him for granted.
Let me treat him with honor
and respect, tenderness and compassion
that we may delight in each other
acoording to your blessed word.
I place him in Your care,
knowing that your love for him
is greater than my own.
Keep us close to each other
in this life and guide us
to our true and heavenly home.
Amen.In the Name of Jesus Christ.

This is a story very close to our heart, that how beautifully GOD opened up the way for Camc. we here at Camc sincerely hopeand pray that as you read our testimony, the HOLY SPIRIT will touch you through this wonderful work that GOD has done through us.